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Website UX Audit: Look through the eyes of your users.

Are you frustrated with knowing your website needs some changes, but not being sure what, exactly, to change?

What if you could see your website like your users see it?

It can be really difficult to visit your website as your potential client, because that’s not your role.

You are the creator, the maker, the developer of the work that they want to engage with, buy, and share.

Get a comprehensive Website UX (User Interface) Audit, and get a clearer perspective.

“This is a FUCK load of work!”

— Annie Sisk, Digital Marketing Consultant

A website audit would work best for you if:

1) Your current website seems to be missing something, but you can’t put your finger on WHAT;

2) You have had trouble setting up goals that meet your clients’ needs and your needs at the same time;

3) You’ll be in the market for a redesign soon, but aren’t sure what you will tell the designer.

Plainly speaking, a website audit is my professional advice for specific ways to improve your website to cater to both your users (clients, right people, target market) and your business.

“I am so grateful Rhiannon. My business is 99% referral (and primarily built OFFline) so your assistance helps me tremendously.

— Kadena Tate, Business Acceleration Alchemist

When you are in limbo between what worked last time and what’s going to work next, get a website audit.

Get an overall snapshot of your website and business, as seen from your users’ perspective.

Get a deeper insight on what role your website ought to be playing for your business.

Get specific things to change, adjust, rewrite, or redo, plus specific reasons for those changes.

“Wow this is wonderful information! Thank you!!!”

— Janice LaVore-Fletcher, Christian Coach Institute

Ready? Website UX Audits are currently $90 USD.

First, fill out this short form. I will receive your answers in an email, and then I’ll get back to you with a payment link, and any follow-up questions I may have.

Problems with this form? Email directly to hello@metanoiadigital.com, and we’ll take it from there.