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These are the kind and beautiful words my clients have said about me over the past five years; I’ve gathered these from design clients, branding clients, web development clients, and coaching clients.

Charlie Gilkey“She worked hand-in-hand with me to get the perfect design that reinforced my brand and personality while at the same time keeping things incredibly user friendly.

So what? That’s what every satisfied client says about his designer. Well, not every client is as picky as I am. And very few designers are as good at gracefully working with a picky client who knows just enough about design to be dangerous but not enough to be really useful. The bottom-line is that I will be working with Rhi again (if she’ll have me). And if you need great design work from a caring, talented designer, you should work with her, too.”

Charlie Gilkey, writer & business coach

Tanja Gardner“I wasn’t sure what to expect from a coaching session with Rhiannon. I’m on the verge of launching my business full-time, and was really just taking advantage of her session offer to see what general wisdom she could share with me. Unfortunately, because I’m so thoroughly new to this, I don’t know what I don’t know – which makes it hard to ask for specific help.

Even though I wasn’t sure exactly what I needed, I was immediately drawn to Rhi’s warm, laughter-drenched energy. As our conversation unfolded, I felt supported, encouraged, and above all, understood. By the end of our hour together, I’d had some ground-breaking insights into my own way of working, and what’s behind one of my deepest core values. Plus, I even took away a few practical time scheduling tips that I know are going to help keep me out of overwhelm in the coming days.

Basically, my session with Rhi was awesomecake generously topped with an awesomesauce ganache. I’d recommend her coaching in a heartbeat!”

Tanja Gardner, copywriter, word weaver and story sculptor

Katy Tafoya“I’ve worked with Rhiannon twice now – once for my web design and once for an ad box for a current promotion. She’s amazing. She’s able to take my very vague ideas and turn them into something that was just what I was looking for.

What makes it even more amazing is that she’s able to create my (unknown) vision with all communication through IM and email – now that’s a great skill! She’s very quick with her work and has it done when she says it will be done. I can’t recommend her enough.”

Katy Tafoya, writer & business coach

“Rhiannon designed and installed an email sign-up graphic for my website. The first draft she sent was a winner and she worked quickly and efficiently to install it on my site. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again.”

Beth Heavrin, freelance copywriter

Courtney Ramirez“Rhi is an excellent leader and a super knowledgeable business person. Working with her and being part of the growing community at Brand Harmony has been a great experience for me and the growth of my business reflects it.

She’s gathered together a unique group of indie-preneurs who are passionate, supportive, creative and great to know in general. She attracts special people to her and I’m so happy to be part of that crowd and learn from her experience.”

Courtney Ramirez, copywriter

“Rhiannon is a dedicated, highly inspired web designer with a knack for pegging down the perfect design for any client. Her work is completed well within time specs and often exceeds client expectation. Her vivacious personality only lends to the entire experience. I’d hire no one else for my web design!”

Cylithria DuBois, writer & publisher

Lisa Robbin Young“I’d been a DIY ‘designer’ for years. Using freebie templates from all over the web, I’d built a few web/blog sites in my day. At one point, I was running six different websites for all the brands under my company umbrella. Each one stood alone well enough, but none of them reflected my personal brand, and trying to put them all together under one umbrella? It was madness, I tell you. MADNESS!

I knew I needed something that would be a comprehensive, professional reflection of MY brand. I knew I needed something more custom, clean. Something that conveyed what all these threads had in common: helping entrepreneurs to build a noble empire and live an inspired life.

My brain had lots of ideas, but I couldn’t tease the stuff out of my head into a useful design. I’m not a designer. I’m a communicator. Words are my canvas. Rhiannon has a keen intuition about design and people.

When I went to Rhi for help, she got me. She understood my complexity and was able to weave all the threads together in a beautiful tapestry that really reflects what I’m about in the world.

My fans and colleagues call the new site “AMAZING!” – which thrills me to pieces. Brand Harmony Studio created something that was far beyond what I even imagined in my own mind.

Gifted design and a keen understanding of the brand behind that design. That’s what every company wants when they entrust their online presence to a designer. Rhiannon came through in spades. I won’t trust my brand to anyone else.”

Lisa Robbin Young, published author & coach

“When I started working with Rhiannon, I was incredibly stuck and behind on a pressing deadline.

After one priceless piece of advice, I not only met my deadline, but I submitted a new proposal that my agents love, approached a business superstar (who then agreed to work with me!) and developed an online business I’d only dreamed of up to that point. All of this in a mind-bogglingly short period of time!

Thank you, Rhiannon!”

Cathy Yardley, published author

“Rhiannon listens to your website needs while adding her unique style to the project. Professional, with excellent turnaround.”

Shelly Doyle-Shuey, blogger

“Rhiannon is one of the most brilliant souls I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. Her ability to dissect my big ideas as well as a demeanor that turns my fear into creative fuel, is why I turn to her when things get sticky.

I’ve never had a conversation with her that didn’t leave me feeling empowered, confident, and grateful for the challenges ahead.

She is a brilliant designer whose life experience will be just what you need to break you through to the other side of amazing.”

Adam King, thought leader

Alexia Petrakos“You made me see that I wasn’t allowing myself to own my own processes/businesses/things I do. I let them own me. Which is kind of ridiculous because I created them in the first place. And that the things I’ve been doing all this time (tech, teaching, art, etc) is coming together – all leading up to the next thing I’m doing instead of keeping all those parts of me separate.

I have seen a huge improvement in my creative output and the direction of my creativity! My thought processes are running wild, morning pages are brimming with ideas. I have a BIG event thingy I want to do overseas (don’t want to spill the beans JUST yet) and I can see it’s totally doable.

After we have a session, I feel relieved, myself, whole. Thanks. :)”

Alexia Petrakos, creative entrepreneur

Catherine Caine“I spoke to Rhiannon after a week of stuckitude, when one important and LOUD problem would not shut up so I could fix it.

In under an hour I’d stopped poor-me whining and taken the action I knew I should have started long since. I got more done in the next day than I had in that whole stuck-ity week.

Rhiannon is aces. Smart. caring and insightful.”

Catherine Caine, Ambassador Plenipotentiary to Awesomeistan