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Identity Coaching is inner work with a facilitator, centered around identity (you, in all the ways you show up).

This is for you when it’s time to work on the inside of you and your business, not the shiny outward appearance.

This is work in the soft, and it’s essential for moving forward through any transition or change space you find yourself in.

Identity Coaching: find the fire that burns inside.

Identity CoachingHi, it’s Rhiannon.

I love to coach around identity: I see identity as the core of every entrepreneur’s ability to understand how best to offer their work to their right people.

Because it is so central to everything, identity has its tendrils in every facet of creating, running, and working in a business.

All roads lead to and from identity.

Identity Coaching is for you when you are experiencing change or confusion around your personal identity, business identity, brand identity, and/or marketing.

Because your Self is multifaceted, and your expression of great work is a combination of all these facets of you, it can be tricky to navigate change in even one area of your life.

Let’s get to the point. These are your pain points when you need my help:

• Your brand doesn’t really communicate what you are doing, resulting in clients who aren’t a very good fit.

Your copy is absurdly difficult to write: there’s always some kind of dissonance between what you want to say and what actually comes out.

• Your personal life changes have affected how you do your work, but you don’t know how to integrate that into your work or even if you should.

• You feel massively stuck when you try to work out what to do and offer next, when it’s been easy (even effortless) before.

• You have a difficult time explaining verbally what you do and why to people who know you, let alone strangers.

• You seem trapped in an infinite loop in some (or all) aspects of your business.

Instead of struggling against the natural shifting nature of your identity, I would love to teach you to work WITH it.

“Before the session I didn’t know what to expect and wasn’t sure if I had my objective together enough to be a good client. Afterwards, I felt comfortable, reassured, and confident that my ideas made sense and were possible to achieve.”Chanelle Schneider

Throughout all my work, I continually approach you — and our project — using a coaching framework.

The reason that my business name is a word that means change — and embodying it — is no coincidence. My work has always been about change; getting through it, learning from it, transitioning into and out of it.

Change is the core of the entrepreneur’s experience, and sometimes you need a helping hand during the journey.

If you’d like to coach with me, either before a bigger project, or separate from it, I’d love to talk with you.

I offer a free initial conversation. All you need to do is click here and choose Espresso Coaching (a 20 minute appointment) from the list of services, then request a booking that fits your schedule.