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Author Services

Hello, author!

LaVonne Ellis and Rhiannon Cahours are starting a new service for authors, right here at Metanoia Digital.

What we aim to do:

1) Teach you how to prepare your book for Amazon Kindle, and assist you with getting it online and making sales

2) Create your book cover and book branding, along with social media graphics

3) Dream up a workable marketing strategy to help you connect with your existing and future readers, and make sales

4) Be accountability buddies with you while you navigate the stressful, rewarding, horrifying, amazing world of being a writer

This is a beta service, so we’re not charging what we think it’s worth, because … we want to be sure it DOES work like it ought to.

If you’re willing to be our beta testers, we’re going to give you our best, as well as the lowest price we can offer you and not run out of ramen or toilet paper.

Pricing and Options (pick what you need!):

Book branding and layout, by Rhiannon — $1500
Book cover, social media graphics, teaser graphics for blog posts/guest posts

Kindle authorship coaching & support, by LaVonne — $750
Regular Skype/phone calls, hands-on teaching about the Kindle platform, post-launch support

Book website, by Rhiannon — $1000
Simple website, on WordPress; branding from book cover work (or vice versa)

Launch strategy, by LaVonne and Rhiannon — $500
Specific strategy based on your existing fan base, website, and social media presence

Interested? Drop us a line! We’re excited to do this with you.

The whole point here is to MAKE YOU FAMOUS, in your circles, and sell some goddamn books.

Click here to contact us about your book project.