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About Rhiannon

Rhiannon LlewellynHi, I’m Rhiannon. I’ve been been self-employed since 2007. Seven years of doing business for myself, by myself has taught me two things:

1) Entrepreneurship is the hardest thing I have ever set out to do.

I earned my badass cred early, by giving birth each of my four ridiculously good-looking kids without the aid of painkillers — not to prove a point, but because I trusted my body to be strong when I wanted to be strong.

Entrepreneurship has made me cry and moan and scream more times that four labors combined.

2) Support is essential to doing my great work.

Sure, I can take a website from twinkle-in-the-eye to reality in less than 24 hours (if I don’t do things like eat or go to the bathroom or participate in my family life), but the days of doing it all by myself are, thankfully, behind me. I do my best work when I can give some of the best bits to someone else whose great work is to do those exact bits. Coding a WordPress template from scratch, for example.

I learned other things too, but I think these are the foundational lessons that everything else is built on.

In my journeys online, in business and otherwise, it’s become blindingly obvious to me that NOT being myself in all ways and at all times is a mistake.

And so I will show up, as the messy beautiful crazy amazingness that I am, and I will expect the ones I love — that includes you, sweetheart — to do the same.

This new place, Metanoia, is separate from my personal website but not separate from who I am. It’s a gorgeous place for me to do my great work, with its own meaningful name, so that it can grow and become what it was meant to be (something I have only glimpsed thus far).

Find me around the internets:

Facebook, Twitter, my personal website, or text me at 517-219-3877.