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Metanoia: the word, the brand, the business

Metanoia is a word that I fell in love with as soon as I saw its various meanings.

Metanoia definition

Dictionary.com’s definition is spiritual conversion or awakening; fundamental change of character.

Another definition is the journey of changing one’s mind, heart, self, or way of life.

Change, essentially, is the core of the entrepreneur’s life experience.

Change in oneself. Change in one’s business model. Change in one’s life. Change because of one’s business. Change in service of one’s choices.

Iterations of design, of processes, of systems, of offerings, of marketing strategy, of everything.

Change goes by many names: transmogrification, metamorphosis, evolution.

Metanoia is a lovely, strange word that means not just the change itself, but that one is somehow simultaneously outside one’s experience and inside it.

Metanoia is, in one literal sense, to be out of your mind. And isn’t that the most perfect definition of what it is to be an entrepreneur?

We want to take those changes you’ve lived and died during, and create anew the space your business occupies in this digital world.

Welcome to a place where change is anticipated, welcomed, and embraced.