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Take a deep breath, and picture this:

Your entire website is like one glorious it-all-works-together sales page, but it doesn’t FEEL like a “sales page”.

In other words, it gets people in the door and gets them what they need before they leave.

It feels like YOU.

It is a sacred space for you, your work, and your clients.
It is the embodiment of your brand.
It is a place you show up fully, engaging in the work you do so well.
It helps your right people to self-select past the red velvet rope.
It provides experiences of connection with your right people that you never dreamed possible.

Whether your current website feels a little bit like this, not at all like this, or whether it’s still a twinkle in your eye and a dream in your heart, you’ve come to the right place.

First things first: are you ready?

You are ready if:

+ You’re so clear on your right people and what you do for them that you relish every opportunity to talk about it.

+ You are no longer a beginner; you’ve done well just as much as you’ve fucked up. You earned your lessons with blood, sweat, and tears.

+ You’re excited about the ways you can co-create with others, and can willingly hand off something that is this big of a deal.

+ You know how to make money with your business, and you do.

Are you ready? Click here to get started rebirthing your website.

But what if you’re not ready?

Stop me if these don’t sound like you:

+ You have a lot of fear about your money, especially your business income.

+ You find it nearly impossible to delegate, for fear of losing control of what may happen.

+ Your business is not doing what you thought it would, and you’re hoping a new website will fix it.

+ What you really need right now is a big hug, a good cry, and a friend to sit with you.

If this is you — not quite ready, but wishing you were — let’s work privately to get you ready.

We’ll figure out how to get you, your business, and your money untangled and ready for a new way of showing up. Click here to send me an email, to start a conversation about what that might look like for you.

I’m Rhiannon, and Metanoia Digital is my business.

Rhiannon CahoursI love change. That’s why I call myself a transmogrifier, and that’s why my business name means change.

Welcome. I love that you’re here!